VoIP in 1% CPU and 50 KB

N-SIP developed a cross-platform VoIP library. We are the first to have VoIP app on a smartwatch. Putting aside UI and dependencies the library is less than 50 KB and users’ battery will last as twice long!

The library was designed from day one to run on mobile platforms with wireless connectivity and it is not a customization of a PC library. It can be easily embedded in applications such as mobile multiplayer online games, dating apps , in car infotainment system and  hard-phones.

Our library answers the technological progress that made traditional telephony a dying technology. As IP traffic is already very reliable and available everywhere; bandwidth is constantly growing and above all – VoIP is much cheaper – cellular telephony will become a second choice. The only setback that may discourage a software designer from using VoIP is the need for VoIP servers. Hence, we can supply a dedicated server(s) with complete set-up.

CPU consumption is 5%-7% and even with AMR it can run on smart watches

Get It From Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nsip.tinyVoip&hl=en


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